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Nutripuncture®, is a holistic method based on Micro-minerals


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Motion sickness

A sequence of Nutris to relieve motion sickness Nutri® YIN-Nutri® YANG is a fundamental nutrient: it…

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Leng Morris

I realized that Nutripuncture helps more than physical issues.  Nutripuncture has helped me with communication issues…

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Sapiah S.

My grandson failed his entrance to high school in Singapore (big deal) and so we got…

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Andrew Powell

"I had been taking the “skin nutrition” sequence, as Keven suggested it is good for refining…

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V. B. Chau

"I have been using Nutripuncture for a few years. I was rather intrigued with its effectiveness…

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I happened to chance upon Nutripuncture at a Holistic and Lifestyle Festival in Singapore. Whilst there…

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Walking beside the hurting hearts is what I do as a volunteer Counselor with the Family…

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My own experiences with Nutripuncture are very positive. The sequences of Nutripuncture have supported my inner…

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I am a student in Nutripuncture in Singapore and had additional training recently in France with…

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When I was first introduced to Nutripuncture, I was running on a very low energy level…

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Thank you so much for introducing me to Nutripuncture. I have just had one round of…

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