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Nutripuncture®, is a holistic method based on Micro-minerals



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Serenity helped me with jetlag
I took Activa Serenity together with Activa Nutri Jetlag and it worked from the first day. I slept like a baby.

Stopped flu, bronchitis and chronic cough
I bought Activa Well Being Immunity, and honestly it’s quite impressive how better I’ve felt since then.

No more leg cramps!
Within one week I noticed a decrease in the incidences of cramps.

Suzanne F

Really useful, especially during the haze!
Thanks to Activa Respiration, this year my daughter didn’t get cough and sore throat. Not even when the haze has reached high levels.

Can't do without Activa Vitality and Sleep
Since taking Vitality and Sleep regularly, my problem of night wakening has gone completely!

Leela J

The most effective supplement
I have found Activa Sleep to be the most effective supplement I've had to date. The extended release gives me a good deep sleep.

Awesome products
After taking Activa Immunity and Vitamin C for 2 days along with minimal cold medication, my nose cleared up and my flu was gone.

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