Activa Beauty range, the only phytovitality range to moisturise, nourish and protect the skin

A complete range for a global, deep and targeted action on skin

The actions of PhytoVitality

  • 100% natural active ingredients, using quality titrated, dry extracts.
  • Sequential formulations for a synergistic action of the components, restoring balance in the body.
  • Complete bioavailability for total assimilation.
  • Perfect biocompatibility: respect of vital currents with deep benefits on vitality, with no side effects and nobody overload.

Hydrate and nourish: Well Being Beauty & Radiance

A natural concentrated formula containing borage, evening primrose, wheat germ and grape seed oils to nourish skin cells with Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids.
Evening primrose and borage oils help maintain skin cells, restoring tissues elasticity, suppleness and tone. Grape seed oil hydrates and protects the skin against external aggressions.
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Plump and smooth: Well Being SkinGlow

This natural solution is designed to protect the skin and give structure to enhance its glow. This synergic formula nourishes, revitalises and redefines the contours of cells.
Biocompatible, this formula supports skin cells from the inside thanks to a complex of marine collagen and elastin peptides, shown to have a significant impact on the reduction of wrinkles.*
Hydrosoluble keratin penetrates and nourishes deeply cells that need it the most to revitalise the skin to restore its glow*.
Well Being Skin Glow helps to revitalise the skin and enhances its youthful glow.
Well Being Skin Glow’s powerful natural active ingredients are amino-dynamised into essential fatty, cystine and threonine, to create a strong synergetic effect needed for an overall action.
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Protect and regenerate: Well Being Sun

A health supplement to help achieve a natural tan and hydrated skin. 
The fatty acids of borage, evening primrose and avocado oils contribute to maintain skin balance (hydration, flexibility) and fight oxidative stress.
Virgin avocado oil provides soothing, calming, healing and anti-wrinkle actions.
Virgin borage and evening primrose oils maintain cells, restore elasticity, flexibility and tonicity of the tissues.
Carrot essential oil and lycopene promote tanning.
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*Demonstrated during a clinical observation: collactive vs placebo study drmar9 7a, +28% reduction in wrinkle depth.


We’ve selected a range of supplements:

  • Made of 100% natural active ingredients
  • Completely bioavailable and biocompatible
  • In “Controlled release” microgranules form to ensure prolonged effectiveness and targeted action in the body

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