Bloating Explained

Excesses during the festive season, a heavy meal, too much alcohol, unhealthy eating habits or stress are numerous factors that can trigger digestive issues and bloating. Our gastrointestinal system reacts very quickly to any form of excess and it can express itself through a feeling of fullness, nausea, spasms, heartburn, bloating etc.

If these symptoms are mostly benign, they are nevertheless uncomfortable and in some cases can be painful. 70% of adults suffer from occasional digestive difficulties and in some cases, these problems can be chronic.

Bloating is a condition of the stomach which makes you feel uncomfortable, due to the accumulation of gas. Bloating can result from a combination of factors from healthy eating habits, high stress, certain medications or environmental pollution.

Emotional symptoms such as anxiety and stress can be responsible. The digestive system, also called “the second brain” is made of thousands of nervous fibres.

On the severity scale of digestive issues, bloating would be at the bottom, however, it is a symptom that needs to be kept in check to make sure it is just a momentary result of excessive or unhealthy food consumption or the message from your body that deeper digestive issues are at play.

Symptoms that accompany Bloating:

Bloating can manifest as a mildly uncomfortable feeling to severe discomfort. You shouldn’t ignore signs of bloating because it is a symptom that could be related to a serious health issue. Therefore, do not neglect the following symptoms.

Some of the milder symptoms of bloating include:

– Gas formation in the digestive tract, belching and mild breathlessness
– Feeling  of a full stomach, even after a comparatively light meal
– Tenderness or mild pain in the abdominal area
– Constipation, diarrhoea

More severe symptoms of bloating could include:

– Allergy-like symptoms on the skin like rashes and hivesVomiting
– Vomiting
– Bloody stools or blood in the urine

Modifying eating habits and having healthier hygiene of life are important but often are not enough. It is often necessary to work in the general field of the problem to support your body for long-term gastrointestinal and nervous system health and balance.

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