Bones and Body Structure

When we think of structure in the body, we think of the bones.

The bone is the densest part of our body, providing our skeleton its framework and postural balance.

We have about 206 separate bones as an adult, with the largest one being the femur.

With the multitude of bones in our body, we can see that they come in various sizes and shapes, with different functions. Even though it appears solid and dense, the bone is very much alive. At its core is our bone marrow, from where all blood elements come.

The Bone Meridian (17) is a secondary meridian in the Stomach-Spleen/Pancreas Family. This meridian family is activated during the inter-seasons and the end of summer (August 15 to September 21). The Bone Meridian (17) stimulates bone metabolism.

An under-activated meridian can be seen in a variety of imbalances such as a lack of flexibility, structure and emotional stability, bone inflammations, poor posture, pathologies in the joints and osteoporosis.

While the Bone Meridian (17) is part of a specific meridian family, the health of the actual bone structure depends on the balance of all five families. From the Lungs-Colon family, comes flexibility; Heart-Small Intestine, reorganization; Kidney-Bladder, tonicity; Stomach-Spleen/Pancreas, strength; and Liver-Gallbladder, limit.

The Bone Meridian (17) also combines with specific meridians in controlling different joints and bones. The ankle joint, for example, is controlled by the Bone Meridian (17) when it combines with the Kidney-Bladder meridian line. And when combined with the Stomach-Spleen/Pancreas couple, the Bone Meridian (17) controls the knee joint.

Postural balance

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Lack of flexibility

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Lack of structure or balance

Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang  17  18

Spinal column stiffness

Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang  17  22  31

Osseous inflammations

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