Born out of a passion to provide natural products that are safe, powerful and in harmony with the body.

Four years ago, Valerie – the founder – searched online for a natural supplement. There were so many options and she felt overwhelmed with the choices and information.

She put in an order – it was “all natural”, so it must be good, right?

After two weeks of taking the supplements, Valerie felt terrible, like a walking zombie. Her mind was in a constant fog. She couldn’t sleep well and felt exhausted. As soon as she stopped taking the supplements, the symptoms disappeared.

In a quest to get healthy, she managed to feel worse! And it turns out, thousands of other people share a similar experience.


An opportunity to make safe choices

It was clear that not all supplements are created equal – quality and consistency vary and natural products can have harmful effects.

Something had to change. There needed to be a place to buy trusted products that are safe and created with a deep understanding for the human body.



This was the start of Your Vitality Store

At Your Vitality Store, we select the best solutions, ensuring their compatibility and efficiency.

We use a quality chart to make sure our products respect human physiology and support “auto-regulation” of the body by enhancing its natural wisdom and self-healing capabilities.

All our products are designed to work in harmony with your body, no matter your condition.

Take a look at what our customers say. Everything you will order from us is 100% biocompatible, meaning there will be no addiction or side effects.


” Truly, we believe the body can heal itself with the right support.”


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