Supporting your vitality and improving the quality of your life is our priority!

Our mission is to offer the best possible selection of natural health & well being products available, to help our clients recover vitality in a simple, safe and effective way. The body has the capacity of heal itself, but with the growing environmental stress of today’s lifestyle, it is often necessary to help it restore itself. We are looking for natural supplement to help correct imbalances and support the natural regulation process of all the different systems and functions of the organism. Aiming at replenishing the body’s vital energy while respecting its delicate physiological balance and not creating other disturbances. For this reason we have chosen Laboratoires Activa from France, the new generation of natural plants extracts supplements.

Why Activa’s plants extracts supplements are so efficient? The difference in technology & in innovation.

The main strength of Activa supplements is the technology used to manufacture the products. The result of continuous research in innovation and driven by the strong determination to provide tailored, individualised support, Laboratoires Activa are truly making a difference with their new generation of plants extract supplement. Over the last 25 years, Laboratoires Activa from France have developed 3 major concepts:


  • 96% of the active ingredients are protected from gastric acidity
  • High bio-availability (optimum absorption by the body)
  • Bio-compatibility for no side effect
  • Easy intake, masked taste and odour
  • Reduced dosage: 1 Microgranule® capsule is equivalent to 5 conventional capsules



Quality of ingredients Control of active ingredients in each production batch, to maintain a constant quality and dosage.

Smart blends By combining many substances in a special way we get an optimum and effective synergy of the active ingredients.

Technological innovation

Control release of the ingredients:

  • Fast-acting immediate release: 80% of the active ingredients are released within 45 minutes of intake
  • Delayed release: protects active ingredients that are sensitive to the digestive juices
  • Extended release: Prolonged release for an action over 8 hours


Health innovation A great innovation for greater wellbeing by plants, the Phytovitality complexes developed by Laboratoires Activa have been designed to activate and enhance the “Vitality” of targeted areas of the body. The 5 priorities of Phytovitality

  1. Natural active ingredients – Colorant and GMO free
  2. Sequential formulas for synergetic action of the ingredients to restore balance
  3. Total bio-availability for optimum assimilation into the body
  4. Perfect bio-compatibility: respect of the body’s vital processes without loss of natural vitality flow. Deeper beneficial results within the body without side effects.
  5. Innovative pharmaceutical forms and active ingredients

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