Detox 101 – Part 1- The Dangerous Side Effects of Toxins

To sustain, the human body only requires 5 essential nutrientscarbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals which intake comes from food and drinks consumption. Unfortunately, it also gets a lot of unnecessary substances that can be harmful. From processed food to cosmetic products, a majority contain chemical additives, preservatives, artificial colourants, pollutants which cause major stress on internal biological functionalities.

The Dangerous Side-Effects of Toxins

Toxins in our body comprise of heavy metal traits and a range of harmful chemicals such as pesticides, pollutants, artificial colours, radiations, smog, contaminated water and food additives. Even the bacteria that break down food, particularly protein in the intestines, produce a wide variety of toxins as normal by-products.

100,000 poisonous substances can be found naturally out of which 35,000 are absolutely harmful and only 3500 among them are fit for human use (1)

These components due to the absence of a proper filter, stay inside our body, turn toxic and choke our organs, creating signs of early ageing, depression, irritations, fatigue and making the body field prone to the development of diseases.

Below is a list of some known side effects of toxicity in the body, but not limited to:

– Endless Fatigue
– Sensitivities and Asthma
– Immune system Diseases
– Gut problems /Malabsorption/GI Inflammation
– Obesity or Poor Weight Management
– Hormone Issues
– Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Awareness and precautionary measures are essential while guarding yourself against further harm.

Awareness and Precaution in daily hygiene is important to reduce toxins

1- The food that we consume is exposed to high levels of pesticides (which are often known as toxic), fertilisers, chemical spray, artificial colourings, and preservatives which can be toxic.

2- At least 75% of the fruits and vegetables that we consume are genetically altered. They are artificially modified to make them more appealing and enhance their growth, turning them pest-resistant (2)

3- Research states that 75% of processed foods – soda, soup, crackers, condiments, etc – contain genetically engineered ingredients. (3)

4- The animal meats that we consume are generally raised in barns where they are injected with antibiotics, hormones and steroids to increase their growth and longevity to prevent diseases. Ractopamine and Zilmax, banned in 160 countries are chemicals still widely used to trigger abrupt weight gain. (4)


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