Do you have Vitamin C deficiency?

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Vitamin C (also called ascorbic acid) is essential for the body. Its benefits go beyond fighting occasional fatigue as it helps your body absorb the nutrients it requires, while fighting bacteria and free radicals.

The human body is unable to synthesize vitamin C and must get it from its diet. After intestinal absorption it is distributed in the tissues, but cannot be stored, which means its supply constantly news to be replenished. Currently, our stressful lifestyle, diseases, pollution, and our poor dietary habits, induce an increased need for ascorbic acid while at the same time food production techniques and our nutritional diets have reduced vitamin levels. Our body can also be vitamin C deficient at each change of season and especially in autumn / winter.

The Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency


A natural solution to bring natural vitamin C to your body
and avoid Vitamin C deficiency



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Vitamin C is the most popular and commonly used vitamin. Whether you want to supplement a diet lacking raw vegetables and fresh fruits, boost your vitality or strengthen your immune defenses, a natural vitamin C course is recommended!


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