The Healing Journey with Nutripuncture®

“Does it work?”
This is a common and understandable question all healthcare practitioners – orthodox and complementary – are asked.

The honest truth is that there is no magic bullet.
The body is a complex universe in of itself. Sometimes there are an unfolding and results, while present, may not always be visible to us. So the answer to “does it work?” is a mix of yes and no and here’s why.

Nutripuncture works on providing the right information on the cellular level. As such, the nutriments can help both superficial and deep issues.

Immediate physical trauma, for example, can be addressed quickly.

On one of Pascale’s visits to Singapore, she sprained her ankle. The diagnosis was crutches for three months. Pascale took the trauma sequence and an association for the ankle. Along with TCM, she regained limited mobility within a week and saw great improvement in just one month. The benefits of Nutripuncture, in this case, were obvious. Pain and immobility versus no pain and limited mobility within just one week. This is a measurable success.

When a symptom disappears and well-being is restored, it is easy to say whether the treatment has worked or not. This is especially true when pain is involved as it is very noticeable when it is gone.

However, Nutripuncture also works on deep issues or on symptoms with very deep roots.

Many challenges a person faces may seem unrelated but may, in fact, be due to the same underlying imbalance.

Nutripuncture’s goal is to restore true wellness and practitioners hope clients are open to going deep. It is, of course, understandable that this may not be desired for many and varied reasons. In whatever case, the client must be reminded that, as Caroline Myss said, “the essential ingredient for energy healing remains, however, the active involvement of the patient.”

When dealing with foundational imbalances, it is also important to remember that the benefits and corrections may not be immediately seen or noticed. Sometimes the ripple effects can be more subtle, or their existence may not be realized until an incident no longer triggers the old response patterns. A healing crisis may occur, during which time symptoms associated with the “illness” are experienced as they are released. Often new “symptoms” surface to be addressed. It is just time. When is that time? When the person is ready.
But even when the person is ready, he/she may not recognize that healing is happening.

With Nutripuncture, once it’s done, it’s done. What does this mean? Once the right information is given to the body, the associated imbalance is corrected. This right information simply replaces the “bad” information.

Healing is a journey back to wholeness and it can be a short or lengthy one. No one can predict its course but it is certain that for those ready for it, there are no greater rewards than well-being and the re-discovery of one’s true potential.

So does Nutripuncture work?

Yes, it does; however, the perception of its success comes down to the person on the journey. One person may decide that opening the way for deeper work for greater possibilities is a success while another person would see it otherwise.
Everyone is individual, the disease comes down to the person and so does the healing.

About the Author:
Sandra Shih Tonkinson is an alternative health practitioner based in Singapore. She writes regularly for wellness centres as well as for her own practice Jupiter Circles. She is also the Editor of What Therapy, a Singapore-based alternative, complementary, and holistic wellness portal.

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