Health Benefits of Galega

Scientific name: Galega officinalis
Other names:
Goat’s Rue, French lilac, Italian fitch, or professor-weed
Part used:
Leaves, flowers

Origins & Properties

It is native to the Middle East but has been naturalized in Europe and western Asia. It is widely distributed throughout temperate regions of the world.

Galega genus is hardy perennials that reach heights of between 90 cm and 1.2 m. They bloom in the summer when they carry pink, lilac, or white flowers in sprays.

Common Uses

Galega is rich in galegine, a substance with blood glucose-lowering activity and the foundation for the discovery of metformin, treatment for managing symptoms of diabetes mellitus. In ancient herbalism, goat’s-rue was used as a diuretic. It is often fed to cows and goats in order to increase their milk yield. Furthermore, it makes a good green manure crop, enriching the soil with organic matter and also fixing atmospheric nitrogen and is also used cosmetically in hand and foot baths.


  • Blood sugar levels: Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Diaphoretic and Diuretic: Used to treat fevers and infectious diseases
  • Digestion: Has a positive effect on the digestive system
  • Lactating mothers: Promotes milk flow

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