Health Benefits of Ginseng

Scientific name:  Panax Ginseng
Other names: Asian Ginseng, Chinese Ginseng, Guigai
Part used: Roots

Origins & Properties

Asian ginseng grows in northern China, Korea, and Russia; its close relative.

Dried, unprocessed ginseng root is called white ginseng, and steamed, heat-dried root is red ginseng. Chinese herbalists believe that each form has its own particular benefits.

Common Use

Ginseng has been used to both stimulate and relax the nervous system. It increases capillary circulation in the brain and decreases the effects of stress.

Though there are many kinds of ginseng in the world but they cannot rival Asian Ginseng in ingredients and medicinal effects.

In western herbal medicine, Panax ginseng’s regulating effects on the immune system have been studied for potential effectiveness in preventing colds, flu, and some forms of cancer.


  • Energy provider: Stimulates mental and physical activity
  • Cognitive function: Improves thinking ability and cognition
  • Weight control: Fights obesity and controls weight
  • Improve memory: Improves working memory and mood
  • Immune system function: Helps body fight diseases and stimulates immune system

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