Health Benefits of Lemon Balm

Scientific name:  Melissa Officinalis
Other names: Lemon Balm, balm Mint Part used: Leaves

Origins & Properties

Lemon Balm is native to south-central Europe, North Africa, the Mediterranean region, and Central Asia.

The plant grows up to two feet and has light yellow flowers that grow where the leaves meet the stem. The leaves are similar in shape to mint leaves and have a tart and sweet smell like lemons.

Common Uses


Lemon balm was used to soothe tension, to dress wounds, and as a cure for toothache, skin eruptions, mad dog bites, crooked necks, and sickness during pregnancy.


Today, when combined with other essential oils, lemon balm oil uses are far reaching.

Studies show that lemon balm oil when blended with oils such as camomile or valerian can work as an excellent sedative and reduce insomnia.


  • Anxiety reducing: Acts on nervous system and calms the mind
  • Improves sleep: Blended with oils such as chamomile or valerian, it can be sedative and reduce insomnia
  • Digestion: Supports sluggish digestion responsible for bloating and gas. Soothes the stomach and abdominal cramps
  • Skin: Soothes skin erruption and treats insect bites and stings

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