Health Benefits of Lithothamion

Scientific name:  Lithothamnium calcareum
Other names: Lithothame, Lithothamne, Laitue de mer, Lithothamion
Part used: Seaweed

Origins & Properties

Lithothamnion can be found in permanently submerged areas all around the planet – particularly in the Atlantic, the North Sea, the English Channel, and the Mediterranean.

Lithothamnion is a type of calcareous algae about 2cm long, featuring a blue-violet color while alive. It features offshoots that break off after reaching adulthood, composed of about 95% mineral material. The dietary portion of lithothamnion is its “skeleton”, which is mainly calcareous and very rich in trace elements.

Common Uses

Lithothamne algae are used in the production of organic plant drinks, such as soy drinks, in order to increase the calcium content of plant-based milk to equal that of cow’s milk. They are sustainably harvested – predominantly in France and Iceland – where sufficiently abundant stocks are available. The algae are simply washed, dried and ground without the use of further ingredients or additives.


  • Bone: Beneficial effects on bone building and repair

    Contains calcium carbonate, a natural antacid, that helps fight acidity and promote bone mineralization

  • Digestion: Contains magnesium that helps stimulate bowel function
  • Anti-inflammatory: Helps with arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, joint pain
  • Fatigue & Stress: Have a positive effect on stress management and nervousness

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