Health Benefits of Pineapple

Scientific name:  Ananas Sativa
Other names: Ananas comosus, Pineapple
Part used: Fruit

Origins & Properties

Ananas is a genus of plants in the Bromeliad family, native to South America and Central America.

Pineapples contain vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and dietary fiber. Other known active components are citric acid and additional fruit acids, as well as the valuable enzyme bromelain.

Common Uses

THE ENZYME BROMELAIN in the pineapple starts the digestive process, thereby relieving gastrointestinal upset, improving circulation, stopping cramps and inhibiting inflammation.

It may help rid the body of inflammatory compounds that contribute to arthritis.


Pineapples also have diuretic properties and reduce perspiration, a process that helps flush toxins from the body.


  • Fat burner: Helps reduce local fat deposits that cause orange-peel skin
  • Cleanser: Flushes out toxins and cleanses the body
  • Digestion: Helps in regulating digestion
  • Immune system booster: High in Vitamin C and rich in vitamin A
  • Anti-inflammatory: Contains Bromelain that has anti-inflammatory properties

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