Health Benefits of Rhubarb

Scientific name:  Rheum rhabarbarum
Part used: stalk, roots

Origins & Properties

Rhubarb is native to central Asia, and awareness of its medicinal qualities as physic goes back five thousand years in China, and it was commonly used among Arabs, Greeks and Romans in ancient times.

Though it’s leaves have high levels of oxalic acid that make them poisonous, the stalks can be used raw, when they have a crisp texture similar to celery, and are most commonly cooked with sugar and used in pies, crumbles and other desserts. They have a strong, tart taste.

Common Uses

In traditional Chinese medicine, rhubarb roots of several species were used as a laxative for several millennia.


  • Digestion: Drains the liver and facilitates elimination
  • Vitamins: Good source of Vitamin K
  • Anti-oxidant: Protects against free radicals

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