Immunity 101 – An optimal respiratory system to cope with external aggressions 🍀

Without air, we cannot live… the lungs are vital organs that play an essential role to keep us alive by providing the necessary oxygen for our cells and our brain to perform. This would be the ultimate reason why supporting and maintaining a strong respiratory system with healthy lungs is fundamental.

As the entry point of the oxygen we breathe in, the same way the gut is exposed to external pathogens we may ingest, the lungs are exposed to viruses and bacteria that could be in the air. The lining of the lungs, formed of epithelial cells, secretes mucus that catches foreign substances. Small hairs (called cilia) would then push it up to be expelled through a cough. The same lining is also made of macrophages white cells, which are able to destroy foreign substances that enter the lungs. 

So when our lungs are weak, we are not equipped with a performant defence mechanism. This is one other reason for the importance of maintaining an optimal respiratory system. Once the lungs are weakened, they cannot fulfil their function and defences are not optimal, creating an entry point for harmful pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. This is more particularly true during specific seasons or times of the year, such as the influenza period, common cold and more humid season.

The lungs and the whole respiratory system is also the first target of some viruses and bacteria that may infect us through the digestive system (ingested through droplets on infected substances we touch).

Having strong lungs and supporting them during periods we are more at risk would help strengthen our defences and help our lungs recover faster, in the unfortunate case of infection, to avoid potential complications such as bronchitis, sinus infection or even pneumonia.




Author Valérie Marin

– Health and Nutrition Coach –
Valerie is a certified health and nutrition coach. She helps and motivates her clients to make healthy lifestyle choices and engage sustainable changes that make them feel their best. Valerie is certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, with a speciality in hormone and gut health.


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