Immunity Starts In Your Gut

Antoinette Biehlmeier, Nutripuncture Practitioner gives her recommendations for enhancing immunity and healthy gut

Antoinette Biehlmeier – Practitioner of Alternative Therapies 

Accredited practitioner for over 14 years in a variety of different modalities,
Antoinette Biehlmeier speaks about immunity and healthy gut.

Get a strong Immune system!

When it comes to enhancing one’s immunity my first recommendation is always to reduce the intake of sugar. The efficiency of your immune systems is affected for hours after consuming only 1 tablespoon of sugar. Not much you think? Considering that one glass of concentrated apple juice contains almost 7 tablespoons of sugar the effect is significant. 

Apart from dairy and gluten as the other two major dietary culprits I recommend clients to check their zinc level. This trace mineral is essential for a strong immune system.

Regular exercise and skin brushing support the lymphatic system, which carries out the body’s immune responses. Because it doesn’t have a pump such as the heart, movement is the only way to keep the lymph system flowing. 

For many health is equal to a strong immune system, but it is often forgotten that in order to prevent illness there needs to be a well-balanced endocrine and nervous system as well.

Not many would relate a spinal misalignment to a week immune system. Spinal misalignment may prevent your endocrine system from providing the hormones needed for a well-functioning immune system. 

I would win almost every bet predicting whether a client is overly acid or not. Chances are 98%. Hyperacidity is another cause for immunodeficiency. And contrary to common belief it isn’t only the food you eat that determines how acid you are but also the amount of stress you are facing in your life.

Hyperacidity also destroys the bacteria in your gut. Yes, it is not only the tabula rasa effect of antibiotics that kills off any bacteria in your large intestine. There are plenty of other factors that impair the health of your digestive system: antibacterial medication, antibiotic residue in certain foods, heavy metals, dental amalgam, food coloring, environmental pollutants, laxatives, protein deficiency etc. (1)

Keeping the energy of stomach, small and large intestine in balance will help to face all those stressors easier.

It is known that 70 % of the immune system is located in the gastrointestinal tract. The lining of the gut is connected to the largest population of immune cells in the body. Apart from that the health of your intestinal flora is crucial to a well-functioning immune system; good bacteria versus bad bacteria is the constant battle. Apparently, your gut is hosting about 500 species of bacteria, about 3 pounds in total weight. You will agree the majority should be part of the good fellas.

Did you know you have a second brain?

Your gut has its own nervous system, and for sure you are familiar with the expression of gut feelings. So taking care of your gut health is more than just a good gut feeling.
And speaking about gut feeling – the powerful link between your brain and your gut is important to look into when it comes to an imbalanced digestive system. (2)
Constipation is a sign of holding on, a gut-wrenching experience may leave memories in the stomach or in the intestines. Chronic stress is the number one factor of a suppressed immune system. Therefore it is imperative to include relaxation, a focus on happiness and activities that create a positive feeling into your health routine.

Some suggestions from Antoinette

– Reduce processed sugar, gluten and dairy
Play around with the latter two as some may be less sensitive to it than others

– Have a good probiotic in your house.
Take it especially when you are going through a stressful time and always with antibiotics and antibacterial treatments.

– Look for a good mix of raw and cooked food. The less processed food the better in general. If you are looking for some great recipes to support your gut, perhaps you find some in Lee Holmes eBook “Heal Your Gut”. 

– Drink a sufficient amount of clean water every day. It really depends on your level of activities, indoor-outdoor, what food you eat to determine the right amount of water. 

– Reduce the amount of toxins in your system – this includes dental amalgam and fungi.
You could start off with some fermented food, chlorella, or some probiotics. See a specialist for your amalgam heavy metal detox.

– Take time off to pamper yourself

Antoinette Biehlmeier

Therapist practitioner – Founder of TheraSmart – Owner of InnerDynamics

Antoinette has been an accredited practitioner for over 14 years, in a variety of different modalities, including Nutripuncture, Past Life Regression, Spiritual Regression, Hypnotherapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Cranio Sacral Therapy, and Dorn.

“It is my desire to accompany clients on their journey to discover who they are and what their purpose is in life; helping them to let go of beliefs that restrict rather than allow for personal growth, seeing them uncover and draw on their inner strength to make the necessary changes in their life so that they can realize and live their unique potential.” -Antoinette Biehlmeier


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[2] brain-connection

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