The Lung Colon Meridian

“The Lungs-Colon family, in connection with the Air element, governs the sense of smell. It permits an integration of one’s gender”.

The lung colon meridian gives us our inspiration in life while the colon gives us our ability to organize.

Each of us experiences the fall season in our own way. Fall brings energy and a feeling of well-being to some, but to others, it can bring physical discomforts and a loss of energy, which worsens with each passing year.

These can range from pulmonary weaknesses, pathologies of the colon, sinus problems, chronic fatigue, and problems with the immune system. These difficulties often accompany certain behavior patterns such as perfectionism, being overly meticulous, and obsessive tendencies.

Why the lung colon meridian matters?

Fall is one of the longest seasons, which gives us an opportunity to work on each of the organs and functions that is animated during this time of year.

The focus this season is the Lungs (20), Colon (05), Sinuses (25), Hypothalamus (12), Lymphatics (15), Larynx (14), Breasts (24), Genitals (07 for women; 06 for men) and Muscles (16).

The immune system is animated during fall (hence an increase in colds and flu for those that are weak) and the masculine and feminine expression are animated. Difficulties in any of the above functions and organs will come up strongly in the fall and are usually tied to certain behaviors, which an individual must also change in order to balance themselves.

The immune system in our daily life

As we work on our health, it is vital to have an intellectual understanding of the process and how the disturbance related to our feelings and behavior.

Without this brain connection, we do not fully adopt any therapy. If you are working with a practitioner, make sure they tell you about the work they are prescribing and why it is important. If you are working on your own, learn all you can from our workshops and ask lots of questions.

Without completely understanding all of these connections, it is easier to drift away from this kind of work and forget the importance of the body’s energy lines.

As a society, we don’t talk about the body’s meridians; we focus on symptoms. We act like our bodies are machines with pieces and parts. Nutripuncture uses the principles of Chinese medicine to integrate our emotions, behavior and physical body and restore our health.

If we don’t have this deeper understanding, then we spend our lives chasing symptoms, constantly searching for the right supplement whether we use natural products or drugs. Find the source of your physical issues, through the science of Nutripuncture, and you will gain back your health in many ways and your “symptoms” will fade away.

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Reprinted with permission from Nutripuncture® US

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