Natural Ways to Revitalise and Prevent Aching Joints

Preventing aching joints is as easy as using some natural solutions. Understand how they happen, and how you can quickly and effectively revitalise them.

If you have faced joint pain or injuries, you will know that being out of action even for a short time is not a nice feeling. The scary part about aching joints is that, unlike direct dislocations, this is a long term effect. With degeneration or poorly maintained joints, your fitness regime could come to a foregone conclusion.

Joint aches may seem like simple bone damage, but the pain comes from degeneration due to simple ageing or prolonged inflammation. Common among those between 40 to 50 years old, millennials are also prone to joint aches due to lack of exercise, consistent immobility, incomplete injury recovery or poor nutritional choices.

If over time you have ever felt in your joints some stiffness of movement or sharp pains in levels that go beyond the average muscle pull, then you might want to get that checked out. Symptoms can escalate to a loss of general mobility, flexibility, and joint inflammation. Osteoarthritis is a common form of degenerative joint and is the most common form of arthritis—a step away from more severe health issues such as gout and tendonitis where inactivity is one of the common factors. Some forms of arthritis are not curable, but there are ways to prevent further degeneration and to eliminate the pain completely.

Get Active

There is no way around it: conditioning the body with constant movement activities is a very important yet simple way of preventing joint pains. On the other end of this is over-exertion, which can result in damaged joints. Thus knowing one’s physical limit is necessary. It does not have to be much—regular mild cardiovascular exercises through the week such as walking could suffice.

Natural Anti-Inflammation

Besides strengthening your body physically, an easy way to reduce inflammation is to consume turmeric. It contains an antioxidant called curcumin, which is a natural and effective anti-inflammatory. Turmeric can be found in supermarkets, and you can add it to many dishes and drinks.

However, the reality is that our bodies have difficulty absorbing the natural beneficial compounds of curcumin. Studies show that we would have to consume at least 1,200 mg of it daily to see any positive effects. An average pill weighs not more than 70mg; imagine having to swallow 18 turmeric pills just to reduce the inflammation.

This is why Laboratoires Activa has developed an innovative supplement complex called Activa Wellbeing Joint. They use a new process to extract and process curcumin, labelled as Turmeric Super Extract (TSE), in a way that is easy for the body to absorb. No more large doses of pills—one Activa Wellbeing Joint capsule is all you need to achieve that excellent anti-inflammatory effect.

The complex also contains glucosamine, a substance usually produced by the body and known to support cartilage formation and protection. In severe cases of inflammation, the formation of new cartilage is not sufficient to tackle the inflammation. A supplementation of glucosamine, which works better combined with chondroitin, helps the body in this process.

Activa Wellbeing Joint supports your body in its healing process by tackling inflammation through TSE. The selection of active ingredients makes for a powerful synergy that protects and support the joints with maximum effect. One bonus benefit is that Activa Wellbeing Joint has an extended release delivery process, which means that it is released into the body throughout the day. Therefore, it can help to reduce pain and inflammation over a long period of time.

Joint aches can evolve into consequential ailments that could hinder basic movement over time. Keep a sharp eye on your joints with these tips, and you will be well prepared to prevent these issues before they even happen.

Article reposted from Soulscape Asia – Natural Ways to Revitalise and Prevent Aching Joints
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