Nutripuncture – What’s with the Symbols ♀♂ ?

In Nutripuncture, there are 38 nutriments, plus Nutri Yin and Nutri Yang. Of the total, 10 are gender specific – Breast (24), Larynx (14), Vagina (07), Penis (06), Uterus (28), Prostate (21), and the feminine and the masculine ones for each of the Master of Heart (35/36) and Triple Heater (37/38).

Life is about polarity and cannot exist without it. Life begins with polarity, in our cells. While the male or female sensibility is awakened at puberty, the cells have always been polarised into femininity or masculinity. This isn’t a matter of gender preferences or orientation but simply the body is different on a cellular level for a female or a male body.

Therefore whenever we need to activate Master of Heart, Triple Heater or any of the gender specific organ/meridians, we use different nutriments.

To promote cellular health and communication, balanced expression of our polarity is crucial.

Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang  07  24  35

Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang  06  14  36

We’ve selected a range of supplements:

  • Made of 100% natural active ingredients
  • Completely bioavailable and biocompatible
  • In “Controlled release” microgranules form to ensure prolonged effectiveness and targeted action in the body

This article is for informational purposes only and is not meant to replace medical advice or treatment.

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