Our Activa ranges : Natural health supplements made in France for all your needs!

Laboratoires Activa designed a range of 3 products for your balance and well being: long term action, immediate action or action on the metabolism.

Health supplements are on the rise! China is the second-biggest consumer of dietary supplements in the world(1)
The most recurrent needs? Strengthening natural defenses and fighting against fatigue and regaining vitality.
It is true that the health situation we are experiencing currently has accelerated this trend. We are more aware of the importance of being healthy and consuming natural products more than ever.

Do you consume health supplements or are you just curious to learn more about them? Discover Activa brand from France and its 3 revolutionary and unique ranges designed for your balance and well-being, whether it is for long-term maintenance or for an ultra-fast action: Activa Well Being, Activa Chrono, and Activa Human Structure.

A range developed for balance, comfort, and in-depth action

Activa Well Being is a range of 25 health supplements designed for balance, comfort, and long-term action. A wide range for specific needs.
These complexes act naturally on the various mechanisms of well being such as sleep, stress, immunity, vitality, or digestion to name a few.

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Ultra-Fast Action from the First Dose

Activa Chrono range is designed to act quickly in case of a crisis.
A dry cough? Cystitis, bloating or a circulatory discomfort…there are examples of some of the unpleasant discomforts that require immediate action. Activa Chrono health supplements range allows you to find comfort back quickly.
From the first intake, these supplements have a targeted action and restore balance within a few hours.

Activa Chrono acts effectively and quickly:
– A dosage studied to answer a problem very fast
– A specific formulation
– A practical and unique packaging

DiscoverActiva Chrono Best Sellers:

A micronutrition program dedicated to body maintenance

This range is particularly adapted for people with issues with specific metabolic functions or people practicing a sports activity that requires high metabolic processes.
The Human Structure range of products is designed to meet metabolic needs by acting on different areas of the organism: proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and the antioxidant system.

Activa Tips: 
For sports preparation, optimize concentration with Oleatonic or achieve higher performance with Glucidotonic.
Post-effort: reduce aches with Proteatonic or reduce oxidative stress with H2Tonic. Your body will recover all its energy durably.

Unlike the other ranges, Activa Human Structure acts on the regulation of these major processes balance rather than their suppression. 
Human Structure is a range of products that allows the body to make the best use of nutrients intake and promotes their metabolism and regulation.

Activa Human Structure Best Sellers:

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