Plants to improve sleep disorders

Is synthetic melatonin necessary in a food supplement?

There are many food supplements on the market for sleep management. On the other hand, we have identified active ingredients that are essential for falling asleep. Here are some plants that promote quality sleep:

Linden, verbena, and orange blossom are also effective plants for calming agitation and allowing the body to prepare for recovery. They are most often used as infusions.

Many nutritional supplement companies offer melatonin-based supplements. Consuming a synthetic hormone is not recommended for everyone as you may not be deficient in it. Your epiphysis allows you to produce this hormone naturally. Synthetic melatonin should be taken when there is a disturbance in the circadian cycle (change of time zone for example) or if your sleep disorder is definitely linked to this hormone. This hormone can also be useful during the day to calm down a peak of stress, without making you feel sleepy. In this case, it attenuates the effects of stress by reducing the excess cortisol. 

Laboratoires Activa proposes a natural supplement with melatonin designed to reduce stress and support the circadian cycle using the technology of microgranule. An extended release formula that allows release of the active ingredients over 8 hours as well as their gastroprotection for better absorption.

We’ve selected a range of supplements:

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