Powerful Life Hacks to Promote Weight Loss & Mitigate Weight Gain

Now that you know the major contributing factors to weight gain and factors that inhibit weight loss, it’s time to begin your journey to your ideal weight with the help of the following methods:

1- Reestablish Your Sleep Circadian Rhythm

Circadian rhythm refers to activities that take place at 24-hour intervals. In order to lower cortisol levels and restore the leptin-ghrelin balance, you must normalize your sleep patterns. Do this by going to sleep at the same time every day and waking up at the same time every day. If it is difficult for you to do this, start by waking up at the same time. Once this becomes a habit, you can work on going to sleep at the same time.

2- Practice Conscious or Mindful Eating

Mindful eating consists of two practices: building awareness and correcting deviation. To build awareness of what you eat, you can maintain a food journal for two weeks. In this journal, record details, such as what you ate, how much you ate, and when you ate it. The second step, correcting deviation, involves substituting poor food choices in your journal with healthier alternatives.

3- Integrate Physical Activity and Exercise Into Your Lifestyle

Regular exercise and physical activity expedite your weight loss process. If you’re out of shape, focus on making a start without thinking about whether you’re doing enough. Also, give yourself enough time – substantial positive change in body composition takes three to six months, and sometimes, even a year or more. The important thing is to keep moving forward; even if the steps are small.

4- Hit the Reset Button With a gentle Detox

Toxins and waste products, resulting from an inefficient metabolic process, accumulates in your body and creates an inner pollution. Detox regimens help clear the clutter. But, when you choose a detox scheme, ensure the safety and efficacy of the program. Alternatively, instead of going for a full-scale detox plan, you can do a simple daily detox by drinking green tea. The antioxidants in green tea help neutralize free radicals and boost the cell renewal process. Furthermore, active ingredients in green tea, such as catechins and caffeine, have slimming effects.

Now that you know the seven deadly sins that lead to obesity, you can make more informed choices about the way you live your life. The key thing to remember is to move forward one step at a time. Therefore, encourage yourself to begin now. Also it is important not to compare yourself to others. Your body has its unique physiology and metabolism. Some people may not put on weight, when you would just pile the pounds looking at a slide of chocolate cake. Comparaison may in some cases discourage you. Recognise your patterns and what is happening with you at this moment in your life. If you feel that there could be a medical reason for your weight gain, you should seek professional help to have an accurate diagnostic.


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