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Activa Well Being Detox – 45 caps

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Purge, purify & energize!

Start your detox program today with Activa well Being Detox! Oxidative stress, pollution, chemicals, over-eating and stress accumulate in the body. Toxins build up and clog the organism, reducing organ functions, inducing fatigue, skin issues, depression, anxiety and reducing immunity.

Natural plant extracts to stimulate bowel regulation & waste elimination. Contains a fiber-rich algae complex to support bowel cleansing and purification. The algae capture and eliminate the pollutants responsible for body clogging (heavy metals, pesticide residues and radioactive ions).

This product, made in France, has been developed using the concept of Phytovitality,
a patented technology, based on Microgranules, that protects 96% of the plants
active ingredients for a targeted release.

Active ingredients
Fucus: Rich in fibers & trace elements, it facilitates intestinal transit and promotes healthy bowels habits.
Lithothamnion: With a pH between 9 and 12 it maintains an ideal and stable pH stomach balance for improved digestion and elimination.
Laminar: Has a purifying action.
Ascophyllum: Thanks to its high concentration in vitamins, this algae helps tissues oxygenation and strengthening.

Recommended use:
1 cap in the morning and 1 cap in the evening with a glass of water 
The capsule may be opened and taken sublingually

45 capsules (3 blisters of 15 capsules each)
Does not contain colorants or GMOs 

Serving Size: 2 capsule – Amount per serving
Fucus (Thalis) 5:1 – 81mg
Ascophyllum (Thalis) – 47.6mg
Laminaria (Thalis) – 47.6mg
Lithothamnus (Thalis) – 23.8mg
Other ingredients : xylitol**, Vegetable  Capsule (Natural Vegetable  Cellulose, water).

**excessive consumption may cause laxative effects.

To be taken as part of a balanced and varied diet combined with a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children, protected from heat, damp and light. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is necessary to consult your medical practitioner to evaluate your health condition and requirements. Not recommended to take Activa Well Being Detox during chemotherapy treatment as it can flush chemo out of the body.

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