Stress & Anxiety Reduction

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Activa Well Being Serenity – 30 caps

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Calm anxiety and stress, and regain serenity

Activa Well Being Serenity acts on various stress mechanisms. It promotes physical and mental well-being to restore calm and relaxation as well as the quality of sleep. A natural complex specially formulated to act naturally on daily stress and irritability due to the active ingredients of the recognized properties.

Activa Well Being Serenity helps to restore the internal body clock for optimum circadian cycles day/night, improved restful sleep, and increased vitality during the day.

Active ingredients
Lemon Balm: Acts on nervousness. Supports digestion and helps with heartburn. 
Matricaria: Contribute to relaxation and support physical and mental wellbeing.
Eschoscholzia: Helps you to cope with daily stress by promoting calm and relaxation.
Hawthorn: Action on Central Nervous system against fears and anxiety.
Lime Tree: This antispasmodic relaxes, rests, and facilitates sleep without addiction risks. It is very efficient for nervous fatigue.
Melatonin: Over 1 mg, it helps to reduce time spent asleep. Restores circadian cycle and claims anxiety. Melatonin is intended for use in JetLag and is not recommended for prolonged use.


*Suitable for children from 12 years old

Recommended use:
For Sleep & Jet Lag take 1 cap/day with a glass of water, outside meals preferably in the evening

For Stress & Anxiety take 1 cap/day with a glass of water, outside meals preferably in the morning 
The capsule may be opened and taken sublingually

30 capsules (2 blisters of 15 capsules each)

Does not contain colorants or GMOs 

Serving Size: 1 capsule Dosage per serving
Eschcholtzia (Aerial Parts) 75.7mg – Hawthorn (Flower) 2:1 45.5mg – Arginine 21.9mg – Lime Tree (Flower) 4:1 15.1mg – Matricaria (Flower) 4:1 15.1mg – Lemon Balm (Leaf) 15.1mg – Glycine 14.6mg – Alanine 7.3mg – Tryptophan 7.3mg – Adenosine 2.4mg – Melatonin 1mg
Other ingredients: Xylitol**, vegetable capsule (natural vegetable cellulose, water). **Excessive consumption may cause laxative effects.

To be taken as part of a balanced and varied diet combined with a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children, protected from heat, damp and light. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is necessary to consult your medical practitioner to evaluate your health condition and requirements.

This product, made in France, has been developed using the concept of Phytovitality,
a patented technology, based on Microgranules, that protects 96% of the plants
active ingredients for a targeted release.


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3 reviews for Stress & Anxiety Reduction

  1. Helene B

    Serenity helped me with jetlag
    I took Activa Serenity together with Activa Nutri Jetlag and it worked from the first day. I slept like a baby.

  2. Marienadal

    After trying various brands in the past, I was never totally convinced. I was introduced to Activa and since then, I am using only this brand. Great range of dietary supplements that work very well and ease much along the way. A must-try you can trust and truly benefit from. Healthy yours, M.

  3. Anonymous


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