Cerebral Oleatonic Human Structure – 60 caps


Improve your memory and concentration

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Oleatonic Cerebral supports cerebral circulation

Lipids and fats, together with carbohydrates and Proteins, are one of our primary sources of energy. A true “fuel” for the brain and muscles, they supply our energy and play an important role in the construction of our organs and nervous cells.

The brain cannot function without polyunsaturated fatty acids (omegas 3 and 6), which also enhance neuron activity. The right diet and dietary supplements play a major role in maintaining and enhancing intellectual functions.

Balancing the metabolism function of lipids is necessary to help the body maintaining a healthy and efficient structural system.

Oleatonic Cerebral – Benefits
– Promotes good cerebral blood supply
– Improves memory and concentration
– Lifts the mood, restores emotional stability
– Stimulates skin’s radiance

Oleatonic Cerebral is a blend of oils supplying the body with phospholipids as the essential fatty acids omegas 3 & 6.  They boost synthesis of lipids and ease the cellular interactions inside our body. 

Active ingredients
Grape Seed: It ensures cells protection qualities and immune boosting properties
Evening primrose: Containing essential fatty acids, it facilitates nervous balance.
Borage: Used to regulate metabolism and hormonal system. It has anti-ageing qualities and hydrates the skin.
Wheat germ: Fortified in Vitamin E, trace elements, essential omega-3, it is an efficient antioxidant and protector of fatty acid.

To be taken as part of a balanced and varied diet combined with a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children, protected from heat, damp and light. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is necessary to consult your medical practitioner to evaluate your health condition and requirements. 

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2 caps a day with a glass of water – Outside meals


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