Human Voices Vol.2: Vibrations for life

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Human Voices CD

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Let the multi-dimensional voices of this CD soothe your body & mind

The latest masterpiece fully-directed by Dr. Patrick Veret


Clinical observations using MRI technology have demonstrated that the multi-dimensional voices activate specific areas of the brain that are usually not activated with a regular voice.
What does activation of the voice mean?
It means that with the use of Nutripuncture® vital currents of the person have been regulated and the 5 senses of the vocal apparatus are harmonized. This voice has therapeutic properties as it activates specific regions of the brain and at the same time enables better oxygenation. The, the listener will improve his cognitive capacities. 

A group of young Italian artists, QUATTROQUARTI DEL POP, revisited 15 must-have Beatles songs performed with original arrangements and pluridimensional voices.

All voices and musical arrangements have been balanced with the use of Nutripuncture®.

Why CD and not MP3 version?

In order to preserve the vibration and power of a multi-dimensional voice, the recording has to remain in its original format. Converting to mp3 alters the quality and its benefits. For this reason, only a CD format is available.

Listen to sample extracts here.

List of Songs:
1- AII you need is Love (Lennon /McCartney)
2- Eleanor Rigby (Lennon /McCartney)
3- Help! (Lennon /McCartney)
4- Golden Slumbers (Lennon /McCartney)
5- Something (George Harrison)
6- Don’t Let me Down (Lennon /McCartney)
7- Across The Universe (Lennon /McCartney)
8- Get Back (Lennon /McCartney)
9- Yesterday (Lennon /McCartney)
10- While my guitar gently weeps (George Harrison)
11- Lucy ln the Sky with diamonds (Lennon /McCartney)
12- Come Together (Lennon /McCartney)
13- Julia (Lennon / McCartney)
14- The Fool On The Hill (Lennon /McCartney)
15- The Long And Winding Road (Lennon /McCartney)
16- AII you need is Love (Lennon /McCartney)

All profits will be returned to Human Voices for the Research and Development.

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