Vital Impulses & Human Relations

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Applications of Nutripuncture

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This book is the product of more than thirty years of research that Dr. Veret and his colleagues have conducted on the forces that govern human life. It describes human life and behavior as an organised psychological system, made up of relational networks and open to constant stream of environmental information.

The groundbreadking work of Dr. Veret and his team provides an introduction to the ongoing research and experimentation in this field. It is guided by the new complexity paradigm, which as been praised by such illustrious figures as Edgar Morien and Ervin Laszlo.

The research method is based on the observation of behavioral responses following the activation of the “vital currents” by way of complex polymetals. 

Even though esteemed researchers such as F. Albert Popp and Luc Montagnier have pointed to the existence of the vital currents, these “electromagnetic circuits” still haven’t been classified as part of accredited scientific knowledge.

This book offers a repertory of the various sexual impulses systems at the heart of human behavior. These impulses arise from the memories we accumulate throughout the couse of our lives, from the moment of conception.

The authors propose a away of identifying and integrating cellular memories at the cognitive level, and of dynamizing the vital currents in order to become more present in one’s life and more free from inhibiting impulses. Once these impulses have been “digested”, we are able to live our human experience in the present moment while still projecting ourselves into the future, not only becoming free from the compulsive reactional behaviors that inhibit creative expression, but also more able to gain an awareness of our own individual roles in the world.

Nutripuncture® is a revolutionary nutrient therapy that stimulates the energetic pathways of the body to improve physical and psychological health–without needles. 

About the Author(s) of this book:
Patrick Veret, M.D., the discoverer of Nutripuncture®, studied medicine at the University of Paris and is a master acupuncturist and homeopath. He lives in France. 
Written with Fabio Burigana and Cristina Cuomo, this book describes a major discovery: the different impulse systems that enliven humans, men and women alike, as fed by specific vital currents.  The book demonstrates how Nutripuncture® can be used as tool to to address those behavioral responses. Cristina Cuomo has a degree in sports psychophysiology and nutrition. She teaches workshops in cognitive organization of movement and Nutripuncture. She lives in Italy and France. Fabio Burigana, M.D., is a gastroenterologist and homeopath. He lives in Italy.

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