Regulate your cholesterol level naturally

If you have high cholesterol, the use of a natural supplement can help you manage it and stay away from cardiovascular disease. Find out more here.

Cholesterol is a specific form of lipid or fat, partly produced by the liver (endogenous cholesterol), and partly supplied by the diet (exogenous cholesterol). Our bodies need cholesterol; it is a major component of cell membranes, keeping them fluid and permeable. Cholesterol metabolism is important since cholesterol is the precursor of numerous molecules including steroid hormones, bile acids etc. It is also a constituent of bile[1]. 

When too high cholesterol could lead to cardiovascular diseases. Laboratoires Activa newly launched Activa Well  Being Cholesterol,  an help formula with phytosterols, guggul and red yeast rice extracts, designed to help regulate your cholesterol levels naturally. 

Activa Well  Being Cholesterol

  • Acts on endogenous and exogenous cholesterol and on triglycerides
  • Limits the absorption of cholesterol and its passage into the bloodstream
  • Captures exogenous cholesterol and evacuates it naturally
  • Inhibits cholesterol synthesis by the liver and lowers its level
  • Helps balancing naturally lipids levels
    • Lowers the level of bad cholesterol (LDL)

Synergy of 3 active ingredients with immediate release for beneficial and targeted effects on cholesterol:

  • Red yeast rice to block cholesterol mechanism
  • Phytosterols to limit cholesterol levels
  • Guggul to capture and ‘trap’ cholesterol

Find out  more about Activa Well Being Cholesterol and discover the extensive range of products from Laboratoires Activa using the technology of microgranule with a gastroprotection for better absorption


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​​[1] Suggested reading: Patrick Lustenberger and Jean André, Le métabolisme du cholestérol et des stéroïdes,


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