Simple tips to give your hair new life 

Hair Loss can be worrisome, however there are many simple and natural things you can do to reduce hair loss and promote regrowth.

The Asians are very fond of scalp care and do a lot of acupuncture and cranial shiatsu. In all civilizations, hair has taken on symbolism of strength and power, virility, or femininity. The analysis of just one of our hairs allows us to define our general state of health. It captures everything that we ingest: food, drugs, pollution, etc…

Generally, hair growth is about 1cm per month, depending of course on the type of hair (Caucasian, African, Asian). When a hair falls out, it is immediately replaced by another one. In men, hair has a lifespan of about 3 years. In women, it can live up to 5 years. However, you should know that a “dead” hair waits for another 2 to 3 months before falling out, hence the name “hair cycle”.

Psychological problems such as stress or depression can amplify hair loss and even trigger more worrying symptoms. 

During season changes, the body can feel stressed (quality of life, pollution, light rays), which impacts hormones. This is also the case during pregnancy or menopause in women. This phenomenon results in hair loss, among other things. It is the same for men, in the case of hormonal imbalance of the prostate, for example. It is at this precise moment that your metabolism needs to compensate for the loss of hair. Therefore, it is necessary to boost hair growth with natural nutrients.

There are many natural and simple tricks that can help protect your hair such as a varied, balanced, and nutrient-rich diet, good sleep, chemical-free hair care products, and food – even food supplements.

These can be the ideal combination to revitalize tired and damaged hair. We have gathered for you our best advice to promote their results!

Our simple tips to regenerate your hair growth:

  • Avoid tying up or covering up your hair – they need to breathe – and apply a protective serum to the ends, especially during winter, to avoid damage caused by the friction with your clothes.
  • Reduce your consumption of meat and cheese high in fat, white bread, and alcohol and introduce more magnesium and sulfur-rich based food such as green vegetable fish, seafood, cocoa, and eggs.
  • Eat more blueberries/berries in all possible forms.
  • Nettles can’t be eaten, but arugula salad can and it is actually known to promote hair growth
  • To stimulate microcirculation, massage intensely your scalp towards the center of your head while having a hair mask with oil – castor oil is all-purpose – or when applying a nutritive mask 

The growth and vitality of hair depend on the nutrients and hormones carried by the blood and brought to the root. The only effective way to act on their health or to “cure” them is therefore to nourish them from the inside.

Mother nature can help your hair!

The following plants and fruits extracts are proven to be very effective to reduce hair loss and promote growth:

  • The Florida Palm or Saw Palmetto was used, by the Florida Indians, for its multiple medicinal properties. Generally recommended to women to treat problems related to menstruation and hormonal imbalance. And to the men to fight against the problems related to the benign hypertrophy of the prostate. In short, it is effective in combating certain hormonal imbalances.
  • Nettle was well known to the Greeks and Romans who used it to treat coughs, tuberculosis, arthritis and to stimulate hair growth.
  • Blueberry, by fighting against microcirculation problems, stimulates the vitality of the hair bulb, promotes hair regrowth and growth. Associated with other plants, it also helps to fight against the harmful effect of free radicals.
  • The Tagetes act particularly on vision, skin, and hair since they contribute in particular to limit the negative effects of the ultraviolet rays. These antioxidant substances, therefore, act specifically on hair subjected to strong oxidative stress, since they are directly exposed to air and UV.
  • Watercress is one of the fresh vegetables richest in vitamin C, provitamin A, vitamin B9 or folic acid, and sulfurous substances. In fact, it contains more than any other vegetable in this family. These sulfur compounds are essential for the formation of keratin, a structural protein of the hair made up of a large number of sulfur amino acids. 

It’s time to regain your vitality!

These active ingredients allow us to naturally fight hair loss by taking care of our dear hair!

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