Start Your Year with Newfound Vitality

Vitality is more than the absence of illness. How can you boost your health and wellness with natural supplements?

Vitality is a holistic approach to wellness expressed in a threefold manner —physical, mental and emotional.

Achieving vitality often means that one has the energy and strength to do things; an optimal thought process; and is happy and joyful.

Dealing with External Stress

In today’s urban climate, we are often exposed to various sources of stress including ever-changing dynamics in terms of food, noise, relationships and work, on a daily basis.

While our bodies have the capacity to auto-regulate and constantly adjust to maintain a state of balance, an excessive amount of stress may impair our vitality. This damage can result in physical, mental and emotional disturbances, which may manifest in the form of disease or depression.

Boost your vitality with natural supplements

Natural supplements* are said to boost your body’s innate capacity to regulate itself. They are designed to support, stimulate and maintain the body’s general balance in any circumstances, so as to optimise wellness and prevent health issues.

For a good night’s rest, Activa Well-Being Sleep is said to support healthy sleep with relaxing and calming properties via ingredients like lemon balm and hawthorn. If you’re feeling the effects of jet lag, Activa Nutri Jet-Lag Man/Woman may act to combat sleep problems and fatigue.

Those who have over-indulged this holiday season might want to fry Activa Well-Being Digestion, which claims to soothe your stomach and aid digestion.

We’ve selected a range of supplements:

  • Made of 100% natural active ingredients
  • Completely bioavailable and biocompatible
  • In “Controlled release” microgranules form to ensure prolonged effectiveness and targeted action in the body

*It is important to assess your medical requirement by seeking professional advice.

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