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Christopher C.

“I am a male in his mid-50’s. Six years ago in 2008, I had a traumatic motorcycle accident after being hit by a drunk driver, and while it did not result in gory damage, it caused some brain damage, mTBI,…

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I realized that Nutripuncture helps more than physical issues.  Nutripuncture has helped me with communication issues which is very important to me as a coach.  Working with my athletes used to be frustrating as I had certain expectation of them…

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Sapiah S.

My grandson failed his entrance to high school in Singapore (big deal) and so we got him the Nutripuncture Study sequence which he took for only one month.  He re-sat the exam and he came out in the top percentile. …

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Andrew P.

“I had been taking the “skin nutrition” sequence, as Keven suggested it is good for refining your sense of touch. A few weeks ago we attended a 1-year-old birthday party, which was outdoors in a park at midday in the…

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V. B. Chau

“I have been using Nutripuncture for a few years. I was rather intrigued with its effectiveness and decided to sign up for the workshop to find out how it works.   I was deeply impressed with the breadth and depth…

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Diane M.C.

My son who smashed his body up really badly 10 years ago has been on the bone muscle skin confusion sequence, which was amazing to work with.   His body thought his skin was his bone and his bone was…

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