Thank you so much for introducing me to Nutripuncture.

I have just had one round of the allergy sequence and I do not sneeze as much i did before.  It’s almost like magic.  My morning sneezing which had become a habit and part of me, since I was a child, suddenly does not exist any more !!

Eating chocolate without getting a migraine attack seems unbelievable. Being in the grass and nature and having no itchy skin, no sneezing and no more burning eyes seems so unreal ! I have had so many antibiotics and anti histamines all my life just to get the momentary relief.  I was a skeptical about Nutripuncture but knowing that they have no side effects and contain basic minerals; made me feel to try them with an open mind.  I have tried homeopathy in the past but with no positive results.  So I was mentally prepared for a similar worst case scenario.  But I do like to evaluate the risk and believe in trying new stuff with an open mind.  I was willing to try at least three rounds of the sequence before coming to the conclusion if it works or not.  But honestly I saw a big difference in 2 weeks.  And now I need no more Nutri for my allergies.  I am using the sinus sequence and my blocked nose and runny nose seems to be getting better each day !

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