The Olive Tree, the Holy Grail of Health & Beauty

The olive plant is abundant in health benefits; from the fruit oil to the extract from its leaves. This is not a new concept and it has been known for ancient times.

Could the olive tree the holy grail?  While the olive tree branch is a symbol of peace and victory, the olive tree is abundant in health and beauty benefits; from its fruit oil to the extract from its leaves. This is not a new discovery and it has been known for hundreds of years. Symbol of the Mediterranean diet, it is commonly present it is widely used and consumed for its protective properties.

The Health Benefits of an Olive-Based Diet

Olive plants are native to the Mediterranean region, and statistics have revealed that populations which include olives and their extracts in their daily diet have a lower incidence of cardiovascular health conditions, resulting in longer life expectancy.

According to research carried out by the Sens Research Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in Mountain View, California and dedicated to research on age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s disease,  the Mediterranean diet is extremely healthy and aids longevity. One of the main reasons of this cited by the Foundation is due to a well-balanced diet of vegetables, legumes, fruits, cereals, fish, and low intake of dairy products, and above all, consumption of olive oil, especially, extra virgin olive oil.

Specific extraction process, unrefined oil, the highest grade of olive oil based on its oleic acid level (less than 1%), The process of extraction uses no additives or no solvents and is cold press (no temperature alteration). Usually darker in colour, taste strongly of olives while hen olive oil is refined it loses its antioxidant and anti-inflammatories properties, it has no taste and is lighter in colour. Olive oil is mainly composed of monounsaturated fat, it contains omega 3 and 6  as well as Vit E and Vit K. It is not recommended to use olive oil at a high cooking temperature as it has a low smoke point. Better to use it for dressings, dips.



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