Vitality, More Than Just The Absence of Illness?

What is vitality?  When randomly asked this question, people will very much differ in their answers. For some, it is to have joy and happiness while for others it is is being in a state of full energy.

All these are correct, but what if vitality was more than that?

A misconception refers to vitality as just the state of not being sick. However, vitality is not only expressed at the physical level but in a holistic approach to wellness it is connected with and dependent on our mental and emotional state.

  • Physical vitality is the capacity, energy, and strength to do things.
  • Mental vitality refers to the capacity to have an optimal thought process.
  • Emotional vitality is the capacity to be in a state of thriving, happiness and joy.

In an ever-changing and challenging environment, when exposed to various sources of stress (climate, food, noise, relationships, work etc…), our body has the capacity to auto-regulate and to constantly adjust to maintain a state of balance.

However, when stress becomes too much and we just can’t cope anymore, our body becomes depleted, impairing our vitality. Physical, mental and emotional disturbances manifest in the form of diseases or depression.

Auto-regulation is key and with the correct support, the body has an innate capacity to regulate itself.

Natural supplements designed to support and stimulate and maintain the body’s general balance in any circumstances is certainly the best way to optimize wellness and prevent health issues., by Live Your Vitality, offers simple, complete and targeted solutions designed to support cellular regulation and prevention of health issues.

“Vitality is the capacity to live your life to its full potential and adapt to the different stimuli and stressors of the environment without being disturbed”

We’ve selected a range of supplements:

  • Made of 100% natural active ingredients
  • Completely bioavailable and biocompatible
  • In “Controlled release” microgranules form to ensure prolonged effectiveness and targeted action in the body

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