Why does stretching the body after exercise help recover faster?

After the effort, the comfort… To start, it is recommended to hydrate well.
Tip: the body doesn’t do well when drinking one 1 litre in one go… drinking sips is better. Then opt for a first phase towards recovery: a return to calm.


  • After running, for example, it is best to have an active recovery: helping to re-synthesize energy and returning to a state of equilibrium. You can finish the effort with brisk walking at about 70% of the VO2 max (maximum oxygen consumption).
  • After intense training such as cycling: it is necessary to calm the heart through mobilisation exercises. Pay attention to unbalanced posture; stretch your thigh while holding on to something, this will avoid contracting the muscle instead of stretching it. The muscle fibres being tired and therefore weakened, an unproper stretching position may create micro-lesions.




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