Christopher C.

“I am a male in his mid-50’s. Six years ago in 2008, I had a traumatic motorcycle accident after being hit by a drunk driver, and while it did not result in gory damage, it caused some brain damage, mTBI, as well as some bodily trauma as a result of being thrown off the bike at high-speed.  I have undergone extensive rehabilitation, and am able to function well,  but not at the level I had before. Besides medical treatment, I have used Reiki, breathing and qigong,  meditation, osteo-manipulation, TCM, supplements and diet. They have all contributed to my recovery over-all.  But I had seemingly reached a plateau, and the ongoing effects of the injuries were becoming the norm. For example, constant and strong   headaches are the new reality, and are accepted as normal.
After the accident, I had had a series of TIAs (transient ischemic  attacks). Then they stopped, thankfully. So it came as a big surprise to have another late last November. It was disheartening, given the big improvements in health that I had made, and the future looked bleak.  One of the effects was ataxic gait, where I could not walk properly.

Previously, I had to use a walking stick for several years; but had managed to get better enough to discard this. Suddenly, I was back in dependency mode, and the gait was so bad that I had to use the walking stick even inside my home. About this time, Keven and Stella – my wife, went to Singapore to attend a course with Dr Patrick Veret, the inventor of Nutripuncture.  I knew about Nutripuncture, and respected Keven enough to understand that it had some value as – yet another – healing modality. She had suggested that I take this to help me, but I did not. I was making progress with the modalities mentioned above, and did not want to add more to the mix.  One thing that occurs when one is sick or injured, is that it is very  easy to get inundated with well-meaning (and not so well-meaning) advice  or suggestions on how to get better. There always seems to be one more  technique, balm, or even snake-oil that is available to be tried.
My wife called and asked me to have a chat with him using Skype video. I did so, and as a result, was asked to fly to Singapore to meet with him. I agreed for him to examine me in front of the seminar class, and Dr Veret – who is an MD –It was an intriguing experience, then it became even better! My eyes were not focused, were always half-closed, and vision was often blurry – one of the normalities I had grown accustomed to since the accident. One of the sets of Nutripuncture changed this instantly. My vision became markedly clearer and precise, and my eyes opened up so that they looked round (in shape) again.  The aphasia (slowness in talking and slurring of words) disappeared.  The gait, which was still ataxic, became smooth and easy. I could walk properly, and my balance was good.  I realised that what had become accepted as the norm physically, was not. It was a wonderful feeling to feel alive and energised again.
He gave me a set of what is known as ‘sequences’ of Nutripuncture to take over the next month or so, in order to continue the gains he had initiated, and to cement these into place at a cellular level in my body. To date, these gains have stayed in place. Of course, I wanted to learn more about why taking these tablets made such dramatic changes, and whether I could take further advantage of them. The next time Keven held a seminar on Nutripuncture, I attended.That was a good decision, as without doing so, I would have continued to relate Nutripuncture to being something similar to a supplement. i.e. is taking brand A or brand B of Vitamin C going to be more beneficial? One thing is clear: Nutripuncture is not a supplement. Neither is it a drug.
The concept is based on proper scientific research, including that which won the author a Nobel prize. It appears, to me, to provide the correct information or nutrition that a cell needs in order to operate optimally and in a state of well-being. It reduces the inflammatory effects of much of the stressors in our lives, such as pollution. And it applies Western science to Chinese medical and health concepts.
While the effects it had on me that time in Singapore were certainly dramatic, at that seminar I saw similar changes in the people attending: physical issues, emotional issues, ageing issues, identity issues – they were all being identified and addressed.
The seminar lays out the knowledge about how to use Nutripuncture in a clear and logical way, and I came away with a gift that I can use to maintain and improve my health – not just with the injuries, but with every component of my health.
Keven is an esteemable teacher, as anyone who has taken any of her  seminars can attest to. She is a trained micro-biologist, and brings a wealth of knowledge and empathy to her lectures and training.  I wholeheartedly recommend anyone interested in taking control of their health and well-being to not only take Nutripuncture as needed, but to attend the related seminar so as to gain the necessary knowledge and understanding of how to use it themselves.   Besides that, it was fun – being given the keys to the kingdom of my health!

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