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When I was first introduced to Nutripuncture, I was running on a very low energy level and everything was pointing towards a burn-out. I felt that all the stress and tiredness from moving around the world and working in a…

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Thank you so much for introducing me to Nutripuncture. I have just had one round of the allergy sequence and I do not sneeze as much i did before.  It’s almost like magic.  My morning sneezing which had become a…

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My first convincing experience happened at an introduction evening, when I arrived with the first and only stomach pain so far in my life…After chewing and swallowing three sequences, my stomach pain was gone, and never came back. Intrigued I…

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The journey to get to the multidimensional voice was an amazing experience. I had been using the sequence for personal voice and I’m always astounded by how effortless it feels when I sing after I take the sequence. There were…

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My experience learning about and using Nutripuncture has been a very rewarding journey toward better health physically, emotionally, and psychologically. I presented a very long list of health and behavioral challenges to Jean Loup Fayolle and have discovered through the…

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