V. B. Chau

“I have been using Nutripuncture for a few years. I was rather intrigued with its effectiveness and decided to sign up for the workshop to find out how it works.
I was deeply impressed with the breadth and depth of research that have gone into its development over the last 4 decades, a seamless combination of TCM knowledge of the meridians and Nobel prize winning biochemistry research. It works on the cellular level, and is capable of giving an immediate indication of its effectiveness on the body.
Recently a friend came to me speaking of his relationship and professional challenges. He was feeling all kinds of emotions: anger, bitterness, vengeful thoughts, self doubt, etc. at the scale of 10 out of 10. After spending 15 minutes trying out nutriments, he experienced calmness, smiling with a renewed sense of clarity and direction, totally amazed. This is what I love about Nutripuncture!

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