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Improve your power & Energy

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Original price was: SGD $225.50.Current price is: SGD $195.50.

Power Protocol

Discover the benefits of our 100% natural health supplements. The synergistic action of its natural active ingredients for better efficiency. Each product is created to meet a specific need.

Oleatonic Cerebral 

For better mental preparation
Promotes concentration and reflexes
Reduces muscle inflammation
A synergy of vegetal oils rich in Omega 3 and 6

Active ingredients
Grape Seed: It ensures cells protection qualities and immune-boosting properties

Evening primrose: Containing essential fatty acids, it facilitates nervous balance.
Borage: Used to regulate metabolism and hormonal system. It has anti-aging qualities and hydrates the skin.
Wheat germ: Fortified in Vitamin E, trace elements, essential omega-3, it is an efficient antioxidant and protector of fatty acid.


Boost your physical performance
Supports physical effort to improve performance.
Improves carbohydrates storage and destocking
Promotes weight loss
Limits sugar cravings

Active ingredients
Grape Seed: It ensures cells protection qualities and immune-boosting properties

Queen of the Meadow and Rhubarb: They are used for the transformation of other plants inactive molecule
Bearberries: is a Natural diuretic it reinforce kidney, liver & pancreas
Amino Acids:
– L-Carnitin, L-Histidin to regulate lipid metabolism and increase sugar metabolism.
– L-Tryptophan, acting on craving, is used for diet, anxiety, addictive behavior, and insomnia.
Goat’s rue: It has anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, and weight loss properties.
Blueberries: This fruit is known for its properties on microcirculation, it protects capillary from oxidation. It is very rich in Vitamin C & trace elements.
Viburnum: It contains flavonoids & has diuretic properties.


Fights against oxidative stress
Significant contribution of antioxidants to maintain muscle strength
Before the effort and during recovery to increase performance

Active ingredients
Melon SOD: It is a natural enzyme necessary to eliminate toxic oxygen for cells (SOD means Super Oxide Dismutase)
Fermented papaya: All-round antioxidant helps to fight oxidative stress. It reinforces the immune system and natural defenses
Blackcurrant: The vitamin C combined with the anthocyanin reinforce the capillary’s resistance and permeability.
Amino Acid: Glutamic Acid for body’s detoxification and protects cell integrity against free radicals (most powerful antioxidant). Histidine and Threonine in order to bring SOD in the cells.


Amino acids for better proteins assimilation
Improves muscle recovery, reduces aches and pains
Maintains osteo-muscular structure and promotes the reconstruction of muscle tissues
Supports hypo or high protein diets

Active ingredients
Lysin: This amino acid works on calcium absorption.
Serin: It is necessary for muscle development and DNA formation.
Isoleucine: It participates in hemoglobin formation.
Threonin: It participates in collagen and teeth enamel formation.
Soya: Rich in amino Acid, it ensures the good functioning of the organism by acting on the deficiency. It increases protein assimilation.
Phenylalanin: This amino acid is a mood regulator.
Alanin: It regulates toxic substances delivered in muscle during an important energetic need.
Valin: It participates in developing and coordinating muscles.
Methionin: It works on hair, skin, and nails.
Glycin: It protects muscles.

Oleatonic Metabolic 

Promotes lipids metabolism
Rebalances metabolism in case of excesses (physical exertion, eating too much)– Helps break down fats in the gastrointestinal tract and skin
Promotes recovery after an effort
As maintenance to avoid inflammation

Active ingredients
Evening primrose oil: Containing essential fatty acids, it facilitates nervous balance.
Borage oil: Used to regulate metabolism and hormonal system, it has anti-aging qualities and hydrates skin.
Avocado oil: High in beta-sitosterol, it lows cholesterol level.
Soya Oil: Contains all nine of the essential amino acids.
Lycopene: Powerful antioxidant.
Carrot oil: Rich in Vitamin A it contains beta carotene that acts as an antioxidant to cell damage. Carrot also improves skin beauty.



This product, made in France, has been developed using the concept of Phytovitality,
a patented technology, based on Microgranules, that protects 96% of the plants
active ingredients for a targeted release.

To be taken as part of a balanced and varied diet combined with a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children, protected from heat, dampness, and light. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is necessary to consult your medical practitioner to evaluate your health condition and requirements.

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