4 plants to detox your body

When choosing probiotics for digestion prefer an encapsulated supplement form to pass the gastric barrier, it is essential for the survival of these living organisms, guardians of our health.

Detoxification, for many, is a synonym for starvation. In reality, it is the process of cleansing the toxins from one’s body either through proper dieting or through necessary external substances. Detoxification helps the body get a new life, grow the ability to stay fit, and strengthen our immunity to deal better with external aggressions.

Here are some plants that can help detox your body:

  • Promotes intestinal transit and reduce fat storage
  • Good supplementation in trace elements, iron, zinc, iodine

  • Draining and eliminating “toxic” waste
  • Captures polluting elements and heavy metals

  • Remineralize and revitalize
  • Basifying, helps digesting, 32 trace elements

  • Improves oxygenation and tissue consolidation
  • Strengthens tissues, iron, and iodine delivery


Activa supplement range is designed using the microgranule technology and controlled release to help detoxify the body. More about Activa Technology here.

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