Being sporty over 50!

The practice of sport over 50 is essential to promote heart health, improve immunity and reduce the risk of falls.

The practice of sport follows us throughout our lives, it is a timeless activity. However, seniors have to engage in lighter physical activities.
From the age of 50 onward, scientists note a 40-50% decrease in muscle mass and strength. They also report an increase in shortness of breath and weight gain. For this reason, it is important for them to choose an activity that is adapted to their health and conditions.

Why should seniors practice sports?

The practice of sports over 50 promotes independence, reduces the risk of falls and obesity, reduces stress, and improves the immune system. In addition, physical and sports activities prevent heart disease, help lower cholesterol, fight osteoporosis and maintain muscles.

From the age of 50, the body shell becomes more fragile. Therefore, it requires certain precautions when practicing sports. We strongly recommend that you practice gentle sports activities, which are the most recommended for seniors.

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