Natural prevention and protection of the cardiovascular system

Understanding high blood pressure will help you detect early signs, avoid complications and find the natural solution to support your cardiovascular health.

What is the cardiovascular system?

The cardiovascular system[1] incorporates the heart blood vessels as well as the lymphatic vessels. Its main purpose is to maintain adequate blood circulation, hence the distribution of nutrients to tissues, and the delivery of metabolic wastes to excretory/urinary organs. The endocrine and immune systems also use blood circulation as conduits for hormones, immune cells, cytokines, and other chemical messengers that work at distant sites in the body.

Did you know?

Omega 3 plays an important role in cardiovascular prevention. Read more here.

Which health supplement for what action on the cardiovascular sphere?

Some plant extracts such as those from blueberry, olive leaf, blackcurrant, red vine, or red rice yeast are known to support healthy blood circulation and contribute to heart health.  

High blood pressure, the feeling of heavy or swelling legs or, spider veins, a weak venous return, high cholesterol… find the best natural supplements to support your cardiovascular system according to what you need.

Our selection


Activa is a range of natural supplements developed by Laboratoires Activa in France, using the microgranule technology. This technology allows better protection of the active ingredients and better absorption in the body.

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