Understand High Blood Pressure to Act Naturally!

Understanding high blood pressure will help you detect early signs, avoid complications and find the natural solution to support your cardiovascular health.

Blood pressure is not stable. It is low during rest and rises with emotions and during physical activity. A stroke occurs as a result of a failure in blood circulation.

How do you know if you really have high blood pressure?

Only a few of us check their blood pressure regularly. This is why hypertension is called the “silent” disease. It is important to know that a person is considered hypertensive when his or her diastolic (lowest) blood pressure is higher than 9, and his or her systolic (highest) pressure is higher than 14. The severity of hypertension is related to its long-term consequences on various organs.

Did you know? High blood pressure affects about 20% of the adult population and is the most common cardiovascular disease. Its incidence increases with age.

Early signs

Sometimes, and without reason, the pressure rises strongly, accompanied by a feeling of heat in the face or a slight headache until it causes dizziness. When these pressure surges become more frequent, you can be subject to “shaking legs” and repeated dizziness episodes. At this stage, be vigilant! The natural products available on the market to help regulate your blood pressure can only be effective if you are also under medical treatment and must be compatible with it!

Complications that are rarely immediate

High blood pressure causes major cardiovascular complications: according to the World Health Organisation, it is responsible for 62% of strokes. There are also risks of lower limb artery disease (narrowing of the arteries that irrigate the legs) and chronic kidney failure that may require long-term dialysis.

A natural solution for blood pressure

It is difficult to remain stable and maintain a continuously healthy lifestyle. So it seems essential to support our circulatory system in order to maintain a  blood pressure that is neither too high nor too low, it is necessary for the organism to eliminate the excess of salt and water through the urinary tract, thus preventing the onset of high blood pressure (HBP).

Many natural diuretics can have the same effects as drugs without side effects:

  • Elecampane
  • Heather
  • Erica cinerea
  • Sweet fennel
  • Juniper
  • Mouse ear hawkweedSolidago goldenrod
  • Black elderberry
  • Bearberry or bearberry
  • Dandelion

As far as contraindications are concerned, treatment with natural diuretics is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. Nevertheless, like any other treatment, you must respect a strict dosage and not exceed the recommended dosage.

Well Being Blood Pressure is a natural supplement, developed and manufactured by Laboratoires Activa in France with high-quality active ingredients using the technology of gastro-protected microgranules for protection of the active ingredients and controlled release. It is designed to support the vascular system, helps regulate low and high blood pressure, and helps improve microcirculation and capillary resistance.

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