Introducing Man and Woman

The lives of women and men are subject to a very marked physiological rhythm, sometimes causing discomfort and pain: puberty, premenstrual syndrome, menstruation, menopause, decrease of libido, intimate problems, prostate…
These disturbances vary according to hormones balance and the intimate microbiota, which play an essential role in these changes.

Your Vitality Store introduces two health supplements designed by Laboratoires Activa to help men and women regain their vitality and balance.

♀️ Well Being Woman


Promote vitality and feminine expression with Activa Well Being Woman, a natural solution to stimulate desire and act on hormonal balance. Its herbal formulation helps enhance physical sensations and sexual desire, induce relaxing and well-being, and soothe nervousness and irritability. It limits hot flashes and night sweating during menopause, regulates the menstrual cycle and menstrual pain.

Here are the active ingredients of Activa Woman:

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♂️ Well Being Man


Stimulates men’s sexuality and protection of the urinary sphere with Activa Well Being Man, a natural solution to promote sexual drive and capacity. Its herbal formulation helps enhance sexual desire, stimulates and promotes sexual stamina, and reduces anxiety. It helps fight inflammation of the prostate and increases diuresis and elimination of bacteria.

Here are the active ingredients of Activa Man:

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